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Audition! Vote voting staff =)

Real name: Debbie (Don't make fun of me I hate my name.)
AIM S/N: shakedatassboy 0
Your Livejournal: I don't have one for myself.
How'd you find out about us?:Random searching. <3

Character name: Lindsay Lohan.

Character age: 18

Why did you pick this person?: Well, first I thought it'd be fun. Lindsay is a person in the public eye a lot and it just seemed like a cool idea. Also I sort of like how we are so opposite, she is extremly famous and rich and such a party girl..I am definately not any of those!

Livejournal for your character: This one.

Name a Mod:nicky_luvs_you

Sample Entry:
talk about tired, i'm beat! i spent last night with Wilmer..i'm really glad we're together. we went to this new club, i forgot the name. i even saw my good friend paris! hilton of course..i wounder where nikki was. i have to get ready soon because i have to spend my day shopping. no, i don't need to.. i have to. wilmer said he's going to take me out to dinner sometime soon, not definate with my crazy i need a new outfit. i want to look perfect for him! i think i'll skip the spray on tan though, i'm looking rather orange. well i better go if i plan on being on friends are going to pick me up soon. Lindsay <3

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