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Hello everyone who actually reads my posts. Please add our newest member, hott_hanson85! It's Zac Hanson. If you haven't added bam_m_rox already, please do that too. Also, don't forget to advertise!!! It would be awesome to have a lot of members! Please remember to update at least once a week!! If you're not able to, make sure you post a OOC [Out of Character] post saying that you are not able to.

xOxStepherz** AkA xOxOxAshleexOxOx and Rawk on, _Bam_

PS: rpg_fun is mostly for questions, concearns, etc. Feel free if you need to talk to one of the Mods or something that you need dealt with to post in here. It's also OOC :)
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