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AUDITION!! yayness

Everyone remember to vote! =)

Real name: Stephanie
AIM S/N: PnkGltrPrincess
Your Livejournal: spritechick91
How'd you find out about us?: I created the community ^.^

Character name: Bam Margera

Character age: 25

Why did you pick this person?: Because he's hot, DUH! lol

Livejournal for your character: Don't have one yet :P

Name a Mod: x_ashsimpson_x since no one's named me yet ;)

Sample Entry:
More then two sentences please : )

Woah, today was so awesome. We caused hell, as usual!! It was a kick-ass day! We took Don Vito's car, again, and crashed it up into the Tree Top Casino! It was so funny! And Raab and Ryan were laughing their asses off!! I must ponder to see what hell I can cause tomorrow. Any ideas bitches?

Oh, by the way, Knoxville's back..


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How can I say no to Steph? Of coarse I'm saying yes
Is it shallow to vote yes for myself?? -_- Haha kay, done :P
Thats a big Yip from muah. =)