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~`* Promoting! *`~

Hey Guys! I was just making sure that everyone was trying to promote. I know its your business if you promote or not but we don't have many members! So maybe if you atleast let a few of your friends know about us that would be great! [Remember in this community your person can be who ever you want! Singer, Actress, Model, ect.] If you are interested in having a banner to promote I have made one and it is in the user info of this community. I have promoted in several communities and in my personal journal as well as Ashlee has. Do what ever kind of promoting you want if you can. Just thinking it would be awesome if we had more members. Alright well thats all I have to say! Talk to you all later! Oh and if you need anything or have a question or anything I am usually online on the AIM Screen name iHATEhatersxx lol but its not my RPG screen name. Okay well byez!
.* Kaitlyn *.
AKA- Nicky <3
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