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Real name: Amalia
AIM S/N: Sassygal91182
Your Livejournal: gossipgurly
How'd you find out about us?: from steph.

Character name: Paris Hilton

Character age: 23

Why did you pick this person?: Because she's "hot" and loves to party and she's so much fun.

Livejournal for your character: paris_heiress

Name a Mod: Nicky_luvs_you

Sample Entry: Wow. Last night I went to this amazing party at P. Diddy's house. I wore the hottest dress. It was a pink Chanel with pearl straps. Tinkerbell wore a matching dress. I looked so hot. I wore strap stilletos with my sisters purse. It was the one that is pink with silver stars, it was the same pink as my dress. It was so hot. Me, Nikki, and Nicole got on the table and started doing exotic dances ;-). The goodie bags (for the girls) were big juicy bowling purses with Britney Spears new scent 'curious'. Of course you all know this because anyone who is anyone was there. And if you are reading this you are someone.

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