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Real name: Alyssa
AIM S/N: cryingxxcrimson
Your Livejournal: witheringxfast
How'd you find out about us?: Pansy keeps posting it in her journal (for HP RPG)

Character name: Mary Kate Olsen

Character age: 18

Why did you pick this person?: because I'v loved Mary Kate since I was little

Livejournal for your character: don't have one yet

Name a Mod: nicky_luvs_you

Sample Entry:
More then two sentences please : )

Today was great. I spent the day with Ashley and some of our childhood friends, Alyssa and Britt. With everything going on, I feel like I'v drifted from them. I'm so glad I got to go out with them.
We went to the mall, I love shopping! Then we went back home, and watched Passport to Paris . Whoa, I haven't seen that since we made it. Me and Ash were so small! It was kinda weird, yet hilarious. Ash and I were saying our lines before the movie said them. I guess I have a better memory than people say. ^.^

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